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October Board News

(The text below is reprinted from the news release by STRS)   Annual Pension Valuation Shows Modest Improvement, But Indicates Challenges Ahead During the October meeting of the State Teachers Retirement Board, actuarial consultant Segal Consulting presented its July 1, 2016, report of the annual pension valuation results. The valuation report measures two sets of assumptions — demographic and economic — against the retirement system’s actual experience from the past year. Demographic measures include retirements, disability inceptions, withdrawals and mortality (the number of deaths among active members and benefit recipients). Economic measures include the rate of inflation, return on assets, salary increases and payroll growth. This year’s report shows the funding period — the amount of time needed to pay off the system’s unfunded liability — decreased to 26.6 years from 28.4 years, and the funded ratio increased slightly to 69.6% from 69.3%. During the presentation, Segal sh