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May Board News

(The text below is reprinted from the news release by STRS on 5/22/15.) Board Approves STRS Ohio Health Care Program Changes for 2016 Following a review that took place during its April meeting, the State Teachers Retirement Board approved the following changes to the STRS Ohio Health Care Program for 2016: Prescription Drug Program — Adopt a methodology of setting the self-insured prescription program annual deductible to 63% of standard Medicare Part D deductible limit rounded down to the nearest $25 increment. Using this methodology, the 2016 Express Scripts deductible will increase to $225 from $200. Regional Plans — Change the national base plan for non-Medicare regional plans to the Medical Mutual Basic Plan. STRS Ohio staff will present 2016 premiums for board approval in June. Last year, the Retirement Board approved a number of changes to the health care program for 2016. The changes approved last year included: Premium subsidy and reimbursement Reduce the subsidy multiplie