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September Board News

Retirement Board Continues Detailed Review of Health Care Program The State Teachers Retirement Board dedicated a significant portion of its September meeting to the STRS Ohio Health Care Program. Earlier this year, the board identified health care funding challenges as a key area of focus for 2016–17. The presentations at the September meeting included the results of member and retiree surveys, a report on how other states provide health care coverage for retired teachers and how STRS Ohio’s plan compares to the market.   STRS Ohio’s health care program covers nearly 130,000 individuals and paid $673 million in benefits during fiscal year 2015. The Health Care Fund is valued on a calendar year basis, and as of Jan. 1, 2016, its balance was $3.26 billion; however, there is currently no dedicated source of funds for the health care program. STRS Ohio no longer allocates 1% of the 14% employer contribution to the Health Care Fund because these funds are needed to strengthen the pe