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STRS Ohio Sets the Record Straight on Buckeye Institute Report

(The text below is reprinted from the news release by STRS on 9/12/11.) Earlier this month, the Buckeye Institute issued a misleading report entitled, "Taxpayers on the Hook: Taxpayer Contribution Rates for Ohio Government Pensions Outpace National Averages." The report claims STRS Ohio's 14% employer contribution rate is the ninth highest rate out of 34 states with similar teacher retirement programs. STRS Ohio employers do not contribute to Social Security by state law, making the STRS Ohio pension the only source of retirement income for Ohio's educators. In reality, STRS Ohio's employer contribution rate is below the national average when you factor in the Social Security contribution rate of 6.2% that 22 of those states make on behalf of their public educators. The report only listed the amount those states contribute to the state retirement system and failed to include the additional amount that is contributed to the Social Security program. A mor