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November Board News

(The text below is reprinted from the news release by STRS)   Board Subcommittee Continues Discussion on Funding Policy During the November meeting of the State Teachers Retirement Board’s Ad Hoc Committee to Study Funding Policy, committee members continued to discuss the board’s funding policy and reviewed a proposed scorecard that would measure and summarize various financial data. These measurements could then be used to determine the financial health of the Defined Benefit Plan. The key metrics discussed included the plan’s funded ratio (ratio of plan assets compared to accrued liabilities), funding period (the amount of time the fund projects it will need to reach 100% funded status), plan status forecast (the probability of significant deterioration of plan funding in the 10 years after the measurement date) and economic conditions (comparing recent investment returns in context of long-term expected returns). Segal Consulting, the board's actuarial consultant, indic